• Full face w/lashes

  • Full face w/lashes

  • Bridal

  • Brown Enhancement

  • Tinting

  • Brown Waxing

  • Arch/Shaping

Strips are available to purchase and apply!

*Ask us About our Bridal packages!!!!!


Our experts begins with a thorough consultation to help you achieve the best results. Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, to help the client achieve the look that suits their lifestyle.


Keratin hair treatments are a semi-permanent, hair-smoothing, curl-softening professional chemical treatment. They make hair straighter, shinier and even healthier. The treatments are usually made up of conditioners, and some keratin (a protein our hair is made of to add strength).


A hair relaxer is a service that makes the hair easier to straighten and manage. It reduces the curl by breaking down the hair strand and chemically altering the texture. The results vary depending on your hair type, but usually a hair relaxer will leave your hair straight for about six to eight weeks. This service is not suitable for all hair types, a consultation is recommended before booking.

Trust Us……. we can take you there!

To the all time most popular Silk press starting with a Therapeutic Shampoo Cleanse & a deep Conditioner. Set your desired style and we take your on your beauty journey. We can help
You seek what best fits your needs.

Roller Wraps

Roller sets are timeless, perfect for all occasion, and suit any hair color, length, and face shape. You don’t have to sacrifice definition for volume or settle for shrinkage in exchange for uniformity. You can have both! Roller sets allow you to transform any curl pattern and or density. Want volume? Separate and fluff. Not feeling big hair today? Leave it to us!!!

ShampooStyles/ Deep Conditioners

Cuts/ Pixies/ Precision Cuts Kids cuts/ Mens Cuts/ Fades

Extensions/Protective Styles

  • Qwik Weaves

  • Traditional sew lns

  • Closure sew lns

  • Frontal sew lns

  • Single Tracking

  • Micro links (coming soon)

Natural Styles

  • Loc Extensions

  • Retwist

  • Twistours

  • FingerRolls

Hair Color

  • Corrective colors

  • Ombre/Balayage

  • Extension Color

  • Bigen Applications

  • Protective Styles

  • Ponytails

  • Little Girls Go-to

  • Corn Rows